Mediation is an option to getting a divorce in court. Mediation is also more cost effective. The average mediation costs about $2000 for a divorce. The average litigated divorce can cost over $20,000 per side. Mediation is worth a look if both parties are committed to working together to finalize the divorce.

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Is An FHA Loan Hard To Refinance?

Are FHA loans hard to refinance?  Fha loans are probably the easiest of all mortgages to refinance.  An Fha streamline refinance requires no income documentation, appraisal or credit score to qualify.  It is basically a no documentation loan.  Your mortgage must be current at the time of the refinance.  You can have been late in the past, the kicker is that it must be current at the time of refinancing.

Just because you have to provide no documentation does not mean that you get it for free.  You will still have to pay closing costs.  Closing costs can not be rolled into an fha streamline refinance.  Closing costs need to be paid at the funding table.  Your mortgage broker should be able to give you a Good Faith Estimate of what it will cost to streamline your fha loan.

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My FHA Loan Balance Is Higher Than The New FHA Mortgage Guidelines, Can I Still Do A Streamline Refinance?

The new fha loan guidelines are lower across the board.  What do I do if I have an existing fha loan and want to do a streamline refinance?  Do I still qualify for this streamline refi?  According to HUD, if you have an existing fha loan that is higher than the current fha loan limits you can still do a streamline refinance.

What Do I Need To Do To Qualify For An Refinance Fha Mortgage?

You do not need to do much to be able to qualify for an fha streamline refinance.  Actually you just need to sign the 1003 mortgage application.  Your credit score is not a factor as well as an appraisal in an fha streamline mortgage refinance.  It is one of the simplest mortgages to refinance.

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Is There A Difference Between An FHA And A VA Streamline Refinance?

Is there a difference between a VA and FHA refinance?  They are different however they are both very easy to qualify.  Both an fha streamline refi and a VA streamline refinance require very little to no income or asset documentation.  You can also get both loans without having to have an appraisal done.  Your credit is also not a factor for a streamline refi.  In fact your credit report will not even be pulled as a determining factor in qualifying for the loan.  However you do need to be current to be able to qualify.

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Should I Refinance My Fha Loan?

Should I Refinance My Fha Loan?  Refinancing an fha loan is a very simple process.  If you have an existing fha loan and you are current, you can do an fha streamline refinance.  An fha streamline refi is probably one of the easiest loans to do.  You do not need to verify your income or employment.  You do not even need to order an appraisal.  You can be upside down in your home and still be able to refi your fha loan.  Interest rates are low so don’t wait to refinance your fha loan.  Contact your mortgage professional for more information.

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Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For Me?

How do I know if a reverse mortgage is right for me?  With the stock market taking a hit, you may be facing less available funds than you had a year ago.  Typically most investors have seen over 30% of their portfolio disappear due to the credit crisis.  This is great and all but what do I do if I need additional cash to live on each month?  This is where a reverse mortgage loan would come in.  A reverse mortgage is a mortgage that actually pays you each month on the equity that is still left in your home.  Depending on what your home is worth, you can get a lump sum or a monthly payment to help out with making ends meet.  A reverse mortgage should only be taken out if needed.  Just because you want to buy a new boat is probably not a good enough reason to take one out.

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